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About Oz Global Recruitment

Why choose our services

Oz Global Recruitment is led by Angela Birk. Prior to establishing this independent recruitment business in 2007, Angela gained extensive experience working for both large and small recruitment agencies, in the UK, Bermuda and Australia and is considered a trusted advisor in her field.

Angela’s clients have included global and national corporations, SMEs and industry groups from a  wide range of sectors, including professional services, finance/banking, insurance/reinsurance, engineering/technical, admin/office support and retail/hospitality. 

With over twenty five years experience, Angela has addressed many recruitment and employment issues that your business may face. In devising recruitment solutions to those issues she has gained the expertise to develop processes that set Oz Global Recruitment apart from the conventional recruitment agencies.

We believe good recruitment is not just about using databases and technology, but also about connecting people with people, matching skills accurately and getting the culture fit right.  

Everything we do requires confidentiality without question.  

Our process

We invest a great deal of time and effort into the recruitment and selection process.

Our recruitment process is rigorous but we believe the investment that we put in up front to find the right fit gives everyone the best chance for a successful employment relationship.

Clients will be contacted to discuss their requirements at which time the Terms and Conditions of engagement will be discussed including the fee.  

On receipt of the signed Client Service Agreement we will start the recruitment process.

We will

Contact our passive job seekers, search our candidate database and/or advertise the position.

Screen and shortlist suitable candidates.

Check essential and desirable criteria that a candidate must meet to be considered for the role.

Interview candidates, explain the role in depth and answer any relevant questions regarding the position and company.

Obtain reference checks.

Arrange interviews with the client and negotiate job offers to achieve successful outcomes.

Any questions or thoughts? 

We are always happy to help out! 

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